Sunday, 23 October 2011

In the Beginning


Aspire2Inspire is finally up and running! And it's going to be great! This page is all about lifestyle and if you want to increase your wealth, business opportunities, creativity, knowledge and improve the quality of your family life then this blog is for you. It will keep you up to date with everything that's going on and bring you great advice and resources to achieve your goals. The blog will deal with short-term solutions and things that you can do now, but it will do this within the framework of long-term goals and increasing your quality of life. We hope to help you achieve your dreams! You may be thinking this is all going to be a bit of a tall order, will you really be able to make changes and improvements to so many areas of your life? The answer is YES anyone can, all the advice you will find on Aspire2Inspire will be easy to follow, things that anyone can do so that you get a great sense of achievement.
Firstly an article on Performance Management, if you are already running a team this will help you to increase motivation and performance results. But also reflect on it at a personal level and use it to decide what really helps motivate you at work?
Now you have read that take a moment to write down a list of your top five motivators and brainstorm how your jobs job design can be improved. These will not only help you get more out of your work life, they will also make great points to bring up at your next performance appraisal. This should help you broach improving your terms of employment with your boss, whilst helping your company. For advice on Performance Appraisals and how they could improve your management style follow this link-
Take a moment to conduct a self review, what have you done well? What could you improve? What SMART objectives would you set yourself? Now take a moment how would your peers assess you, and what about your team? What targets would they set you? Now you have some mock results, put them into practice at work tomorrow! And if you feel brave enough maybe you should implement 360 degree reviews to get the real results!

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