Sunday, 4 December 2011

Buy A Brand

Not sure about going it alone? Feel like your lacking a business idea or a great sellable product. Then buy into an existing business. Your business start up idea: To run a franchise. This means you get access to a well-known brand name, identity and established reputation. The company will source products and undertake larger scale marketing campaigns. However you will only earn a percentage of what you sell through commission. For this type of business you will need to be prepared to work evenings and weekends, as the most popular method of sales is through running parties. You will also need to be a confident public speaker and able to create a fast but friendly sales pitch, often whilst demonstrating your products! Be prepared to create an interesting display area and encourage consumers to touch, smell or try your products. Use parties as an opportunity to book future events. To start one of these types of business there is usually an initial outlay to buy a kit of products or catalogues. But in the future there are few expansion costs as there are often opportunities to grow your business through building a team and taking a percentage of their commissions. Or of course you could start up your own party planning business. Companies that you could look into joining include-
Ann Summers, The Body Shop, Virgin Vie, Usborne Books, Girlie Gardening, or Avon. Research how much you have to pay out initially, how the commission structure works, and whether you will receive any on going training and support.

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