Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Live Your Life The Way You Want To

Why run your own business, it’s a lot of time and effort right? Well true you will have to work some long hours to get things going, but it can be terrific fun when it’s a project that you are fully behind. I’m sure you’ve done enough over time in your day job, this is no different just in the end – you get the pay off! Ultimately though running your own business will give you full control over your working life as well as just your leisure time and in the end this control will give you freedom, the freedom to work when you choose, to have more time at home or with your family or for the ambitious among you more time to work on your own business and create something fantastic. It will also give you the chance to work in your own way, in the end you should have great fit between your personal and working life as you are not constrained by the traditional 9-5 model. Maybe this is the time you will spend with your family and then evenings will be the time you focus on your work.
To achieve all this, decide on your aims, is working for yourself to allow you to spend more time with family or are you looking to live in the nice house with a flash car? Remember all self-made millionaires started off just like you now, there’s nothing different about them, no unique skill, they are just ordinary people who made their business idea work.
Decide on your aims, make them specific so you can stay focused. Now break down into small steps how to get from where you are now to where you want to be, this will not only help you visualize your target, it will help you break the process into manageable steps. Work out exactly how much money you need, so for that nice house or the car what would the monthly repayments be? All of a sudden it doesn’t seem so impossible, right? Create a board of all the things you want and look at this regularly, I’ve even heard of people visiting the homes they want but can’t afford to help get them in this mind set! Set your targets high, this may make it seem all the more difficult in the beginning, but thinking big never hurt anybody and this will stretch you to your full potential. Challenging yourself will only help to motivate you and begin to think more creatively about problem solving! Every time you achieve one of your steps write it out on an achievement chart so you can see as you progress.
Anyone really can live the dream, it’s all about mind set. Challenging yourself in the ways set out above will help you develop a positive attitude to self-improvement and create a great sense of achievement. What you do now could have a major impact on supporting not only your lifestyle choices now, but right into the future. Remember you don’t have to stick to the conventions set out by others, starting afresh in a career or business of your choosing can be really exhilarating and help you enjoy each day.

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